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Ask horror game fans about their favorite titles of all time, and many will mention Dead Space. The series has been on hiatus since the weakest and least-loved of the main trilogy, Dead Space 3, arrived in 2013, but a new entry could be announced next month.

VGC reports that GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb previously revealed how EA’s Motive studio, the devs behind Star Wars Squadrons, was working on “an established IP” revival, adding that “I think you’ll be happy.” During a stream last week, he dropped a huge hint as to what the game might be: “We’re going to see it… if we’re not dead first.”

Grubb said the next Dead Space, or whatever the secret game might be, will be unveiled at the EA Play event that takes place on July 22.

The first Dead Space scared the crap out of gamers when it arrived back in 2008 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, winning a slew of awards and accolades. Dead Space 2, released in 2011, was also a huge hit, and introduced a multiplayer mode. Dead Space 3, however, didn’t gain as much praise and sales fell below expectations, which was blamed on the focus shifting from horror to action.

Original developer Visceral Games and EA had hoped to create a fourth entry, despite Dead Space 3 being a disappointment, but those plans were shelved when Electronic Arts shut down Visceral in 2017.